Icarus Landing Music Video

L.A. rockers, Icarus Landing, recently put out a music video for their new song, Call To You.  You can check this vid out at http://youtu.be/WURcodKLNyg (nsfw).  This band epitomizes “Man Rock” and is guaranteed to put hair on your chest.  Also, the video has titties, and who doesn’t like titties?

IL has hard-hitting rhythms, brutal guitars and a very in-your-face raw sound.  This is definitely a wysiwyg band with quality music to stand behind.  Additionally, their live show is a blast to watch and they perform their tunes impressively, well worthy of studio precision.  I recommend keeping your eye on their Facebook page for any upcoming shows and definitely check them out if you get a chance.

Despite his beardly mediocrity, I have been friends with Nicholas Emilio, lead singer/guitarist/songwriter for IL, for the past 3 years and have come to quite admire his resolve.  He has been steadily working on this band for several years, moving from Ohio to LA to pursue his musical ventures.  While n8n definitely works very hard at what we do, Nick hustles far better than all of us put together.  He has been working diligently at this new album for over a year and I am very excited for it to come out, not only as a friend who has witnessed the struggles of putting out this album, but also as an IL fan.

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