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At long last, a post about gear!  This is just an overview of my gear, starting, of course, with my VanDewart custom.  This guitar has a flamed maple top, mahogany back, 3 piece neck (maple/purpleheart/maple) and undyed ebony fingerboard, all with an oiled finish.  The guitar is neck-through and string-through, resulting in better sustain, tone and rigidity.  I use Bareknuckle Nailbombs (Alnico 5 in the neck, ceramic in the bridge), with coil-taps so I can get that great single-coil sound for songs like An Uncertain Grace, Understanding the Feeling, and our new song, set to debut soon.



AmpI use a Laney VH100R amplifier.  This is my 2nd favorite amp of all time and is the perfect amp for my role in this band.  It wonderfully compliments Garret’s Orange Rockerverb 100.  The VH100R is a 2-channel amp with an individual boost on each channel, reverb, and fx loops (which I have yet to integrate).  I often switch between all 4 settings (channels + boosts).  I don’t believe there is a single song where I use all 4, but several of our songs, I do use 3 (Thoughts Like Rust, An Uncertain Grace, Rest in Pieces, etc).  This amp is extremely versatile, breathes very naturally and just all around sounds incredible!



PedalboardLastly, my beast of a pedalboard.  My pedalboard is constantly growing and evolving.  Even now, despite having a great setup, I have some pedals that I want to add to the board for even more great sounds, and other pedals to upgrade.  Unfortunately, this means that I will soon have to purchase a new, larger pedalboard and power supply, but that is the cost of wanting the exact perfect sound for each section of our music.  Anyhow, here is the list of my current pedalboard setup:

What does your rig look like?  What are you favorite pedals and amps that you use?  Have any recommendations for additional pedals that should be on my board?

2 thoughts on “Joel’s Gear

  1. Steve

    Nice set up man! What speakers are in the Laney cab? What is your first favorite amp?

    how you digging the timeline? Care to share some settings?
    as Of right now I’m running a mesa dual rec and fell back in love. Super underrated, and given a bad name by people that don’t know how to use it

    Running the mesa into an Orange 412 with celestion g1265′s and a Marshall 412 with v30′s and g12-75′s in an x pattern.

    Pedalboard has an OCD as a clean boost and Strymon Timeline, El Capistan, and Blue Sky. I highly recommend the other Strymon products!

    1. Joel Martinez Post author

      Laney uses Celestions in those cabs, but I’m unsure exactly which ones I have in there at the moment. First favorite amp is a Cornford MK50. While it wouldn’t necessarily be the most appropriate amp for this band, I do adore the sound and the wonderful breathing of the amp.

      The Timeline is amazing and I adore it. The delays are so lush and natural sounding. I used to have a TC Electronics Nova Delay on my board that I quite enjoyed, but trying out the Timeline completely blew the TC away and I was immediately sold. In particular, I love the Ice and the less-jumpy feel of the reverse delay. I will likely be doing a dump of all the settings before much longer and will make sure I put them up here in case anyone wants them. As for other Strymon products, I am heavily leaning towards getting the Lex. That combined with my HOG in a true bypass fx loop would make for some amazing organ sounds.


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