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Skeleton Closet video

We recently posted an old video to our song Skeleton Closet.  This is the 3rd song we wrote and we filmed this video a couple years ago.  Granted, that’s a bit of a long time to release the video, but we’re proud to finally have it available for the world to see.  So, without further ado, I present to you:

Our aim with this video was to capture a sort of live feel with the video.  The audio tracks were all recorded by Alex Amaya during the video recording.  We used the best take from the evening, leaving the mistakes made in the take to help give it an even more authentic sound.  The video was all filmed and edited by the talented Barret Amato and the audio was mixed by Jeff Kessler.

Riding on a high after completion of our classic, An Uncertain Grace, we were all pumped to write an upbeat song.  Skeleton Closet is, to date, the fastest song we’ve written.  It came together in about a month, as I recall, starting in late June of 2010.  We initially called this song “Breathe” while we were still fleshing out the ideas.  We started off with the main rhythmic riff that starts the song and by July 1st had the verse somewhat figured out.  Listening back through our old recordings of this song as we wrote it, by about mid-July, we had most of the song laid out.

At the end of the song, I remember distinctly making it a point to use the “organ” sound on my HOG for this song, largely because I had recently gotten it and loved that organ-y sound.  I still want to get a rotary pedal of some sort to give the “organ” a more Leslie vibe.

This song also appears on our limited run EP (listen on our Facebook page) and will be re-recorded with new updates for our upcoming LP.